September 10, 2008


Remember the saying “your junk could be my treasure?” That phrase has proven true time over time. What is the best example I can provide? Antiques are an obvious example. Older used goods that have been deemed an antiquity and now are worth far more than when they were first sold. For example, consider clocks. Clocks have been around forever. There are many types and many styles. The most famous of large clocks are Grandfather Clocks. The tall clocks you hear making those deep eerie chimes in classic horror movies. These clocks, depending on the year and type of wood, can be worth large sums of money. Especially if a specific person hand crafted them and built them from the ground up. My grandpa built one out of oak when he was still alive and that clock always drew out questions from many people. They would assume that we paid a fortune for it. We would have if it wasn’t for my grandfather. Many other clocks are labeled as antiques and are highly collected. Another popular clock would be the radio clock. These clocks were iconic. Their vintage look makes them even more of an eye catcher. provides a good variety of antiques. The site will only get better as time goes on.


Antique Collectibles

September 10, 2008


Having a hobby is a great way to find enjoyment in life’s simple pleasures. Ever since I was young I have loved to accumulate antique collectibles. My grandmother sparked my interest in the hobby when she bought me my first Barbie doll. She then showed me pictures of how the dolls have changed throughout the years. I was enthralled so I started collecting! I loved being able to compare each detail and how they changed from one year to the next. Of course, as I grew older I began collecting more antiques.

There is an assortment of antique collectibles to choose from, but as I matured I absolutely loved antique jewelry. I went straight to my grandmother’s jewelry box and sure enough I found a few items to start out my collection. To this day I still collect dolls and jewelry. In fact, I find it to be great fun to buy them online through auctions, because they are easier to find that way. Every time I travel I am sure to look up antique stores and most of the time I will find a new addition to my collection. This site, is amazing! It is wonderful to be able to share a common hobby with so many other people. I love checking out what others choose to collect and where they go to find their antiques.


August 28, 2008

I started collecting memorabilia when I was a teenager and would save magazine articles, videos and other assorted products from my favorite TV shows. But now, being a pack rat has paid off because many of these items are worth a lot of money.

Now I find myself buying and collecting items from today’s popular TV shows. Television programs that are cult hits are the focus of my memorabilia collections. Not only is it fun to research, search for and buy promotional items and products from these shows, I also enjoy carefully preserving things like magazine articles and even newspaper clippings so they will be in good condition in the future. I see this as not just a hobby, but also as an investment in my children’s future. Complete sets of carefully-preserved memorabilia like mine will be worth a lot of money one day, and I can leave these memorabilia sets to my children who can sell them one day, if they wish.

I was glad to find other people who enjoy collecting antiques and memorabilia on  I can get tips on where to find more items for my assorted memorabilia collections and also see what other people like to collect. It’s a good site for any memorabilia collector.

“I Antique Online” Free Online Appraisals

August 23, 2008

A Free Community For People Who Buy, Sell or Collect Antiques and Art Online!


May 1, 2008

Hubley Collecting, a little history on these collectible toys.   Early 1890’s the Hubley Manufacturing Company of Pennsylvania began work on Cast Iron Toys and appliances pertaining to the times. Mostly toy guns pee shooters and even model horse drawn carriages we’re largely popular. As the automotive and military markets and designs began to spread so did the style of Hubley vehicles in the 1900’s. The rare stuff though is any and all cast iron toys. By WW2 most of the public donated these collectables to the war effort and toys were melted to become weapons and vehicles. A zinc die cast alloy was introduced to the toys at the same time and the name on the toys changed to Kiddie until the company was sold in 1965. The question most people have though is how to tell the difference between the die cast and the cast iron. The easiest way is that those that are Cast Iron are labeled Hubley. Those that are labeled Kiddie is the Post WW2 Die Cast. I’m not sure however whether or not Hubley also used the original name on the toys made from 1945-1965.   Read more at

PCGS Coin Grading

May 1, 2008

We got in a load of Mints, Proofs, and Commemorative Coin Sets. What I’m wondering is whether or not PCGS Coin Grading for Coins tabbed by the US Mint Certified is necessary. What is more valuable in the grading process? US Mint certification seems more practical, but some of the certified coins are easy to pop out of their protective cases. With PCGS tabbing it’s easy to see an opened or tampered coin. Has anyone had any experience in this, and is one better than the other in regards to overall value. For example: If I take a Mint set from 1960, take the coins carefully out of the plastic packaging and send them to PCGS and lets say they all grade a 60, Is the original Mint set in package worth more, or the graded coins?   Read more at

U.S. coins vs Foreign Currency

April 12, 2008

Lately the store has been a bustle with plenty of coins coming in and being sent out. One thing has been consistent though, Regardless of the denomination, Gold and or Silver Content: US Coins and currency seems to be the top priority in the selling market. Just try to tell that to one of our customers though that bring in a Russian coin over 150 years old and they get discouraged because there’s a bunch of them out there. So here’s the question: Is there another foreign currency market out there in the antiques business that is more lucrative than US Coins?  Read more at

Vintage Aladdin Oil Lamps

April 12, 2008

What’s more important: The Lamp base or the Shade? We had a couple customers come in over the last few months and some older but not antique Aladdin Lamps came in. Some shades I’ve seen online seem to do really well, but then you notice other shades that almost look exactly the same just do terrible. I’ve been hesitant on the buying end because of this. The other thing is, How can you tell an Aladdin Shade if the base is no longer present?  Read more at

I Antique Online “Myspace For Antiquers”

February 18, 2008
I Antique Online — “Myspace For Antiquers”
I Antique Online is a NEW website. 
Not your normal prefixed “I” site on the web. First thought when you see the address, “just another antique site?”, not so… Quite possibly one of the most innovative occurances for the antique market, is a breath of fresh air to an absolutely Stagnant advertising heavy pay as you go market.
There have been many out there looking for the perfect combonation of Myspace and Goantiques markets. Needing the ability to not only showcase your wares but tell the world about yourself and your specialties has been tough in a pay for all advertising style of business.
The need has been fulfilled.  covers all the bases in picture galleries, Movie uploads, Blog spots, Forum Discussions, and Specialty groups within the ever popular antique business, and will eventually usher in a new phaze in entreprenuerial endeavors all of which is totally free to use for the member which is also free to register. Right now, it’s still in the fledgling stage, being only six weeks in operation, yet within that time has gained over 180 members.
One of the first discussion topics included “Finally A Myspace for the Antique Clicks!” They must be on to something.  In speaking with the owner of the site he stated that he was wondering when someone was going to take advantage of this style of website for the antique market, and tired of waiting, found that he could produce a decent site for free available to the world. The World!
Already, they have members spanning from US/Canada to Israel, Australia, and all over the UK. More are coming. Are you going to sit and watch this pass you by?
Visit for more information.