I Antique Online “Myspace For Antiquers”

I Antique Online — “Myspace For Antiquers”
I Antique Online is a NEW website. 
Not your normal prefixed “I” site on the web. First thought when you see the address, “just another antique site?”, not so… Quite possibly one of the most innovative occurances for the antique market,  www.iantiqueonline.com is a breath of fresh air to an absolutely Stagnant advertising heavy pay as you go market.
There have been many out there looking for the perfect combonation of Myspace and Goantiques markets. Needing the ability to not only showcase your wares but tell the world about yourself and your specialties has been tough in a pay for all advertising style of business.
The need has been fulfilled.   www.iantiqueonline.com  covers all the bases in picture galleries, Movie uploads, Blog spots, Forum Discussions, and Specialty groups within the ever popular antique business, and will eventually usher in a new phaze in entreprenuerial endeavors all of which is totally free to use for the member which is also free to register. Right now, it’s still in the fledgling stage, being only six weeks in operation, yet within that time has gained over 180 members.
One of the first discussion topics included “Finally A Myspace for the Antique Clicks!” They must be on to something.  In speaking with the owner of the site he stated that he was wondering when someone was going to take advantage of this style of website for the antique market, and tired of waiting, found that he could produce a decent site for free available to the world. The World!
Already, they have members spanning from US/Canada to Israel, Australia, and all over the UK. More are coming. Are you going to sit and watch this pass you by?
Visit www.iantiqueonline.com for more information.

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