Hubley Collecting, a little history on these collectible toys.   Early 1890’s the Hubley Manufacturing Company of Pennsylvania began work on Cast Iron Toys and appliances pertaining to the times. Mostly toy guns pee shooters and even model horse drawn carriages we’re largely popular. As the automotive and military markets and designs began to spread so did the style of Hubley vehicles in the 1900’s. The rare stuff though is any and all cast iron toys. By WW2 most of the public donated these collectables to the war effort and toys were melted to become weapons and vehicles. A zinc die cast alloy was introduced to the toys at the same time and the name on the toys changed to Kiddie until the company was sold in 1965. The question most people have though is how to tell the difference between the die cast and the cast iron. The easiest way is that those that are Cast Iron are labeled Hubley. Those that are labeled Kiddie is the Post WW2 Die Cast. I’m not sure however whether or not Hubley also used the original name on the toys made from 1945-1965.   Read more at


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