Remember the saying “your junk could be my treasure?” That phrase has proven true time over time. What is the best example I can provide? Antiques are an obvious example. Older used goods that have been deemed an antiquity and now are worth far more than when they were first sold. For example, consider clocks. Clocks have been around forever. There are many types and many styles. The most famous of large clocks are Grandfather Clocks. The tall clocks you hear making those deep eerie chimes in classic horror movies. These clocks, depending on the year and type of wood, can be worth large sums of money. Especially if a specific person hand crafted them and built them from the ground up. My grandpa built one out of oak when he was still alive and that clock always drew out questions from many people. They would assume that we paid a fortune for it. We would have if it wasn’t for my grandfather. Many other clocks are labeled as antiques and are highly collected. Another popular clock would be the radio clock. These clocks were iconic. Their vintage look makes them even more of an eye catcher. provides a good variety of antiques. The site will only get better as time goes on.


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